Our firm is a licensed provider of E-filing for all federal and state (where available) income tax returns. For those of you not familiar with this process, here is a comparison of the old way of filing vs. the new way with e-filing. Unless you have a strong aversion to this simplicity and efficiency, we will e-file all of your returns.

The Issue

The Old Way

The New Way with E-Filing

Sending in your return

You spent at least $3.95 in postage and then you had to bring it to the post office. In many cases you had to wait in a long line for verification.

We electronically transmit the return for you. We get an electronic verification the next day from the government indicating their receipt.

Processing your return

Believe it or not the government has to rekey your return. In many cases errors are made resulting in erroneous correspondence to you. This process took many months.

All information is electronically verified at the time the return is processed. There are no keypunch errors.

If a refund was due

You used to have to wait weeks for your federal refund and forever, if you were owed money from Illinois.

We record the account and routing number of the bank account you wish to have the refund deposited. This results in you receiving your refund within 10 days, even if from Illinois.

What about the Client Copy of my return and me being notified that the returns are done

You always received a Client Copy for your records and a complete set that you mailed in to the government.

You will still receive a Client Copy. Instead of receiving a complete set to be mailed in, you will need to sign a single-page form and fax back to us, signifying your approval for us to e-file.

What if the state I file in does not allow for e-filing or my return does not qualify for federal e-filing?


We will look at these on a case by case basis. Normally, if one of the returns does not qualify for e-filing (for whatever reason) we don't efile the other returns. This way everything is handled consistently. However, in the case where the one that qualifies has a refund, we might consider e-filing in order to expedite the refund.

Money spent to process the return

Depending on the weight of your return and whether or not you mailed your returns with a Signature/Delivery Confirmation, you could have spent up to $10.

There is no charge for us to e-file your returns with either the federal or state governments.

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