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As a means of helping our clients reduce the paperwork clutter that so many of us go through, in addition to avoiding all of the security issues involved with emailing sensitive documents, all our clients now have 24/7/365 access to all of the documents located on our server and can retrieve them at any time using this SCP Login above. You will be able to view, print AND save these documents at anytime. There are no additional fees or charges for the storage or retrieval of any of these documents.

You may not be aware of this, but banks, mortgage companies, the IRS and even the court system now ALL accept the Adobe PDF versions of any document. Originals of any documents are no longer needed to be retained. On our server you will find:
  • The Client Copy of your current year and past years tax returns
  • Estimated tax coupons, if any.
  • Copies of the source documents you send us to prepare your 1040.
  • Any other documents that you send to us.

If, after logging in below, you do not see a particular folder that you would like to have access to OR you have not previously registered for our SCP, please contact us.

To view a sample of this SCP, enter with the password sharefile1.

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ShareFile by Citrix

If you would like to access these documents from your smartphone, download the appropriate app from Sharefile's website.

Please go to Paperless Implementation to learn more about how we can transform your home or business into a paperless environment.

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