Items Required for Personal Tax Return Preparation

April 15th is the deadline for filing federal and state individual income tax returns. Many people often forget which documents are required in order prepare a timely and accurate return. The best way to ensure that you have everything is to look at your prior year's return. The following list summarizes the general items normally included on a Form 1040. We suggest you print this sheet out and use to help you gather your information.  

We will need the original or copies of the following items in order to verify the accuracy and make sure all of the information is captured properly. Please do not list them out.

  • W-2s
  • 1099s for interest, dividend, pension, and social security income
  • Year end brokerage statements showing the proceeds from the sales of stocks (and a schedule prepared by you or the brokerage house showing the costs of these stocks - brokers do not normally include these)
  • K-1s from any partnerships, trusts or corporations that you are involved with
  • 1098s from banks showing the mortgage interest you have paid
  • Real estate taxes paid on your primary residence as well as any other properties you own

For these items, we only need a listing. Please do not send originals or copies of any of the receipts.

  • listing of medical expenses
  • listing of cash charitable contributions (Note: this year the law changed and you now much have a cancelled check OR a document from the charity to support the deduction. This would have to be proved upon any audit.)
  • listing of non-cash charitable contributions (Note: this year the law changed and now requires the organization you donate to must be able to use the item you donated for its charitable purpose if the property donated (other than publicly traded securities) exceeds $5,000. This would have to be proved upon any audit.)
  • listing of unreimbursed business expenses

If we prepared your return last year, a personalized "organizer" is available for you that lists out all of the items on your prior return with the ability for you to write in the current year amounts. If you would like us to mail that to you, please contact us and we will send it out that same day.

If we did not prepare your return last year, but you like the concept of an "organizer", please open and review this blank organizer.

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